Course Overview

“The Power of the Story” is an intermediate-level course in the Biblical Counseling Program at Coventry House School of Ministry. This course is tailored for those who have a foundational understanding of biblical counseling and are ready to deepen their knowledge and skills. It focuses on the narrative aspect of counseling, exploring how personal stories and life experiences are integral to the healing and transformation process.

Key Features of the Course


  • Narrative-Focused Approach: The course delves into the significance of personal stories in counseling, teaching how to interpret and utilize these narratives for healing and growth.
  • Advanced Counseling Skills: Building on basic principles, this course introduces more complex techniques for guiding individuals through their personal journeys
  • Real-World Applications: Through case studies and practical examples, participants learn how to apply narrative techniques in various counseling scenarios.
  • Interactive and Reflective: The course encourages active participation and self-reflection, enabling learners to engage deeply with the material and with their own personal narratives.

Course Content

The course covers several key areas, including:

  • Techniques for understanding and interpreting personal narratives in a counseling context.
  • Methods for helping individuals explore and make sense of their life stories.
  • Insights into how narratives shape behavior and identity.
  • Strategies for guiding clients through transformative journeys using biblical principles.

Course Hours


Who Would Benefit from This Course?

  • Those who have completed beginner-level biblical counseling courses or have equivalent experience.
  • Individuals interested in deepening their understanding of narrative therapy from a biblical perspective.
  • Counselors, ministry leaders, and laypersons who wish to enhance their counseling effectiveness by incorporating narrative techniques.

Enrolling in The Power of the Story

  • Are you ready to explore the depth and power of personal narratives in counseling? Join us in “The Power of the Story” to enrich your counseling skills and help others navigate their life journeys. For enrollment details and course schedules, please visit. Apply Now