Marlin Lance, Ph.D., D.Min., DCC, D.Psc.


The interview caught my attention, so I drove to the sponsoring church.

I love getting up early and sitting in my living room, coffee in hand, pondering God’s will and purpose for the remaining years of my life. At 81, I could be in a state of retirement, pursuing my outdoor love of fishing or hiking. (I have done this many times with a doctor friend of mine) but even with reduced work, my phone continues to ring as pastor after pastor calls or texts asking for help. I often remember those lonely days when I was broken, and support was nowhere to be found. I remember one day when I couldn’t stand it any longer and decided that life wasn’t worth living, so I tried to hurt myself. I was in my car and thought of driving it into a tree so it would look like an accident. A Christian radio station was on, and they talked about reaching out to hurting people. The interview caught my attention, so I drove to the sponsoring church. By the time I got there, my shirt was soaked with tears. I ran up the stairs to the offices, crying loudly for help. The secretary heard me and met me as I was escorted to an office where shortly, a youth pastor met me and listened to my story. He said he knew of a man with a similar story in the church. I permitted him to call the individual, and we spent the morning seeking God for an answer.

He shared Isaith 58:1-12. This passage brought peace to my soul and purpose to my spirit. God revealed to me that my purpose is to help people eradicate unwanted baggage – emotional, physical, and spiritual- pain and suffering. When we free up spiritual, mental, and emotional space, the door opens to allow the miracle of healing and growth. That brief time with someone that graciously listened and lovingly helped carry my pain changed my life. This new reality led to the fact that I needed to further my education to accomplish God’s will for my life. I enrolled in a small seminary in Louisiana and earned my Ph.D. in Christian counseling. God opened the door for me to provide counseling services for Sagemont Church, Dr. John Morgan, in Houston, Texas. The work exploded with growth. After a few months, I started special services for pastors in distress. That work has grown and has led us to form the Coventry House University (for pastors like me) and the Barnabas Initiative, plus the publication of The Messiah Method counseling system book that has circled the globe and is in the hands of thousands of pastors and missionaries.

The Messiah Method counseling system book has reached the globe.

Educational Background and Professional Roles

  • Founder & President: Dr. Lance leads Coventry House School of Ministry International, an organization dedicated to offering marriage and parenting seminars, retreats, and training in Biblical counseling.
  • Academic Achievements: He is an alumnus of Baptist Bible College and Faith Baptist Seminary. He furthered his studies at Piedmont Theological Seminary Asia-Pacific.
  • Teaching Roles: Dr. Lance serves as a Professor of Counseling at Coventry House University and as a Professor of Clinical Counseling at Piedmont Seminary Asia-Pacific, located in the Philippines.

Contributions and Expertise

  • Authorship: He has authored ‘The Messiah Method Counseling System,’ published by Westbow Press.
  • International Teaching: Dr. Lance’s teaching endeavors extend across various countries including India, the Philippines, Thailand, Japan, and the United States.
  • Professional Affiliations: He is a licensed member of the Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine.

Specializations and Practice

  • Research and Integration: As a Diplomat of Pastoral Science (DPSc), Dr. Lance actively researches the integration of the Bible and science.
  • Trauma Therapy: He has extensive experience as a trauma therapist and consultant for in-patient spiritual care in Houston.
  • Private Practice: Dr. Lance offers virtual services specializing in marriage problem resolution, trauma resolution, parenting, personal and relational conflict, anger and stress management, and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Therapeutic Techniques: He is trained in Frequency Specific Microcurrent therapy (FSM) and Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT).

Development and Leadership

  • Psychometric Tool Developer: Dr. Lance developed the “Personality Profile System,” a widely used psychometric tool.
  • Academic Board for Biblical Accountability: He directs ABBA, which assists professional members in resolving conflict disputes in their practice.