The Biblical

Counseling program

Transform Lives through the Power of God’s Word

Across the world, people are seeking help for a variety of problems. Churches are beginning to realize the need to minister to the deeply personal needs of their members and others in the community. Individuals trained in the use of the Bible as a counseling tool are experiencing remarkable results. Our courses are designed to make the Word of God more relevant and recognized as the source of help for mankind’s complicated needs.

The program comprises of three courses: “Coffee Cup Counseling,” “The Power of the Story,” and the culminating “The Keys of the Kingdom” for final certification. Each course serves as a prerequisite for the next, ensuring a structured learning path. Options include enrolling in individual courses or the entire program for a comprehensive experience. Discover more details about each course below.

Coffee Cup Counseling: An Introduction to Biblical Counseling

In “Coffee Cup Counseling,” participants embark on a journey to explore the essentials of biblical counseling. This beginner’s course is crafted to demystify the principles of counseling from a Christian perspective, making it ideal for anyone looking to understand the basics of using biblical wisdom in helping others. Learn more…

The Power of the Story: Understanding Narratives in Biblical Counseling

“The Power of the Story” is an intermediate-level course in the Biblical Counseling Program at Coventry House School of Ministry. This course is tailored for those who have a foundational understanding of biblical counseling and are ready to deepen their knowledge and skills. It focuses on the narrative aspect of counseling, exploring how personal stories and life experiences are integral to the healing and transformation process. Learn more…

The Keys of the Kingdom: Certification Course in Biblical Counseling

“The Keys of the Kingdom” represents the pinnacle of the Biblical Counseling Program at Coventry House School of Ministry. This advanced course is designed for individuals who have a substantial foundation in biblical counseling and are seeking to elevate their skills to the highest level. The course integrates deep theological insights with sophisticated counseling techniques, preparing participants to handle complex counseling situations with a Christ-centered approach. Learn more…