Course Overview

“The Keys of the Kingdom” represents the pinnacle of the Biblical Counseling Program at Coventry House School of Ministry. This advanced course is designed for individuals who have a substantial foundation in biblical counseling and are seeking to elevate their skills to the highest level. The course integrates deep theological insights with sophisticated counseling techniques, preparing participants to handle complex counseling situations with a Christ-centered approach.

Key Features of the Course


  • Advanced Theological and Counseling Concepts: This course delves into complex theological discussions and advanced counseling methodologies, providing a comprehensive understanding of both.
  • Complex Case Studies: Participants will engage with intricate case studies that mimic real-life counseling scenarios, enhancing their problem-solving and application skills.
  • Ethical Considerations: A significant focus is placed on the ethical dimensions of counseling, ensuring participants are prepared to handle sensitive situations with integrity and wisdom.
  • Leadership in Counseling: The course is also geared towards developing leadership qualities, empowering participants to take on guiding roles in their counseling ministries or practices.

Course Content

The course covers a range of advanced topics, including:

  • In-depth exploration of biblical principles as they apply to complex counseling situations.
  • Detailed study of specialized counseling methods for diverse issues such as trauma, family dynamics, and marital problems.
  • Ethical practices and considerations in biblical counseling.
  • Leadership development for counseling professionals and ministry leaders.

    Course Hours


    Who Would Benefit from This Course?

    • Experienced counselors, pastors, and ministry leaders who have completed intermediate-level courses in biblical counseling.
    • Professionals seeking to integrate advanced biblical principles into their counseling practice.
    • Individuals aspiring to take on leadership roles in counseling ministries or Christian organizations.

    Enrolling in The Keys of The Kingdom

    • Elevate your counseling ministry to its highest potential with “The Keys of the Kingdom.” For those who are called to lead and deeply impact lives through biblical counseling, this course offers the advanced training you need. For more information on enrollment and course details, please visit Apply Now.