Our Mission

Proclaim Freedom & Set The Oppressed Free

It is Coventry House School of Ministry’s mission to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ. With over 50 years of experience in ministry and counseling, it is our desire to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to set the oppressed free, and to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.

About Us

Our personal development courses place an emphasis on these priorities: developing the right relationship with God, family, marriage, children, and others. Topics covered in these courses can include subjects like.

  • Successful interaction with others
  • Growing constructive personal associations
  • Conquering unhealthy behaviors
  • Working through growth-inhibiting experiences
  • Establishing new behaviors that encourage strong character and achievement.

Personality Profile System

Through our counseling, you will gain an understanding of who you are and how your personality affects your relationships. Whether in the home, workplace, or local ministry, knowing yourself and your impact changes how you understand God's purpose for your life.

The Five Keys

The five keys will transform your life from brokenness, bondage to addictions, emotional bruising, spiritual blindness, and will promote blessing in your life. Receiving these will equip you with the elements for personal development and success.

Coffee Cup Counseling

The Coffee Cup Counseling Course offers a unique method and experience. Building on a foundation of relationship and trust, this course is designed to teach you how best to communicate and counsel others through their hardships.

Marriage & Family Counseling

In the first segment of our Christian counseling course, we provide methods and the best practices to tackle the challenges of marriage counseling. The Christian family counseling segment focuses on changing the families core values around a Christ-centered worldview.

Trauma Resolution

This is the most intense segment of our training program. We teach you how to empower individuals to overcome the traumatic experiences that have altered their perception of life. We focus on personal trauma, combat trauma, secondary trauma, and much more.

Counseling Certification

After successfully completing our online Christian counseling program, you will be required to register for your certification exam. Upon passing, you will receive a certificate of completion and become a certified Coventry House Christian counselor.

Why Choose Coventry House?

"Coventry House School of Ministry has a unique way of teaching you to share your story.  That allows you to teach others how to share their story and bring healing to their life."

-Dr. Marlin Lance | Founder & President


As a student, you can be mentored by our trainers that have cumulative experiences of over 75 years in helping others from different careers.

Excellence & Integrity

We are setting a new standard in excellence and integrity by providing courses that meet or exceed the recommended content.

Based on Scripture

Our courses are based on the scriptures. We believe that change comes to a person through the work of the Holy Spirit. The counselor is simply an instrument in God’s hand.

Lasting Solutions

Our focus is on providing lasting solutions and not empty promises. Our students are taught how to lovingly apply biblical truth to the false beliefs and values that keep people in bondage.

Holistic Approach to Counseling

A biblically-based holistic approach to counseling respects all dimensions of personhood created by God in the full context of a narrative of creation, fall, redemption, sanctification and final restoration.

Experienced Faculty

Our staff of experienced counselors have a combined total of over 85 years experience in authentic Christian counseling. Let our journey inspire you to further your life and professional career.

Ministry Headquarters

Phone : 877-795-8386

Email : info@coventryhouse.org   www.coventryhouse.org